1. ​What language was the first bible written in?

  2. How many translations of the bible are there?

  3. Which bible was the first English translated bible?

  4. Define copyright; how many copyrights are there for the bible?

  5. What is Jesus native name? What does the bible say about names?

  6. define holy spirit?

  7. What are the fruits of the spirit?

  8. What are the gifts of the spirit?

  9. What are the lust of the flesh?

  10. What is sexual immortality?

  11. What are the 10 commandments?

  12. How did "Jesus’" death take away our sins? What sin? [list all biblical references] 

  13. What was adjusted from the law after that sin was taken away? [list all biblical references]

  14. Does all non christians go to hell? [biblical references]

  15. What are prayers? are they rarely answered? how does it really work?

  16. Is God real? how do you know if you cant see him? Is there missing information that explains this?

  17. Is God a dictator?

  18. Define Satan? Who is Lucifer? what is his sin? what is his aim and goal? does the  devil want forgiveness?


  1. What is the history of the calendars?
  2. What is the history of the Jewish calendars?
  3. What are the accuracies of the calendars based on?
  4. What day is the sabbath Day?
  5. Define antichrist from the bible.
  6. Can there be many antichrist?
  7. What was the Jewish History?
  8. What does a female represent in bible prophecy?
  9. Who will knowledge be given to? who will accept it? therefore who is it for? biblical reference.
  10. What are tithers? with examples from the bible.

  11. what are offerings? with examples from the bible.

  12. Were there limited money in those days? 

  13. How many chapters mention money?

  14. how wealthy was Rome? what were job titles back then?

  15. What is the book of Jasher?



  1. Is Pope George's calendar the right calendar?
  2. If 24hrs equals one day eg. evening to evening, then can the sabbath fall on the 8th, 15, 22, and 19th of each lunar month?
  3. Does the moon govern the night and sun govern the day?
  4. how were the days separated?
  5. how were seasons separated?
  6. Did the bible explain the world to be flat? what biblical proof do you have?
  7. What evidence do you have of the world being round that a human, not an organization have seen? any organic non edited photos? [including non fish eye images]
  8.  How are you sure your religion is right when there are thousands to choose from?
  9. Has science made God obsolete? How does science prove his existence, and how can you tell false information separate?
  10. Why does God not stop mass murder and genocide? or just bad things from happening?
  11. What are the history of all the missing books? 
  12. When is Jesus coming?
  13. Why does he cause disasters?
  14. What are the 20 canons? Are they biblical?
  15. What is the Nicene Creed?